V2 Thunder Original Strong CB – Single Tin


Cold Dry White chewing bags contain strong cut tobacco mixed with a ripping mint flavour, that gives a truly unique experience.. The only difference is CB – chewing bag tobacco is finely cut while snus tobacco is finely ground. Even then, the difference is almost indiscernible. n

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Thunder Original Chew has a traditional tobacco flavour with hints of bergamot. This product has a regular sized pouch. n nThe original CB portions are a bit different than original snus portions. They are a a lot whiter than you are use to see original portions. They in fact look very similar to white portions rather than original portions. This is due to the tobacco being cut and not ground in CB pouches. They still behave just like regular original pouches. Its just a visual difference. n nThunder chewing tobacco is strong when it comes to nicotine content. V2 tobacco accomplishes this high nicotine level naturally by using a larger percentage of tobacco leaves in each gram of thunder chew they make. The result is hearty, great tasting chewing tobacco loaded with natural nicotine. No pharmaceutical nicotine or other undesirable additives are ever used in Thunder chewing tobacco. n nHow to use this product n nSnus is placed under the upper lip, slightly to the side of your front teeth. No chewing, sucking or spitting is required, just leave it and enjoy the tobacco flavour. Leave it as long as you need or want. Normal use is 15-60 minutes. Snus is the smokeless alternative when you are not permitted or choose not to smoke. n nhowtosnus n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

Product Info Original
Nicotine (mg/g) 16
Portion Weight (g) 1
Brand Thunder
Manufacturer V2 Tobacco

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