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Unlike many large European Cigar manufacturers, Toscano do not import all their tobacco leaves. The majority of the tobacco you will find in a Toscano Antico is grown on Italian plantations giving them their own unique flavour and aroma not found in any other cigar. Being different the Italians experimented with Dark Kentucky Italian tobacco as a cigar filler wrapped in an American Kentucky leaf and the Toscano was born! The actual brand enjoyed by Clint Eastwood.

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Toscano cigars are not your typical cigar, the Kentucky tobacco used in making them is generally seen in pipe tobaccos. Toscano Toscanello cigars have a characteristic elliptical shape and uneven surface. The veins within the wrapper leaves are not seen as defects but characteristics of a quality Toscano cigar. The impressive taste is created through a rapid fermentation process and then flame-cured in ovens fueled by oak and beech woods for a total of 15 to 20 days. These densely packed, strong cigars come with a high nicotine content advice and are regarded as “dry cigars” or “cheroots” which means they do not have to be stored in a humidor.

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