The Rocky Patel Through The Ages Selection


​The Rocky Patel Through The Ages Selection shows off some the finest cigars from Rocky Patel, we hope you enjoy smoking them!

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The Rocky Patel Through The Ages Selection shows off some the finest cigars from Rocky Patel, we hope you enjoy smoking them!
The Rocky Patel Through The Ages Selection consists of:
Rocky Patel Platinum Robusto – Rocky Patel just went Platinum. When it comes to quality, few boast the same level of obsessive dedication that Rocky Patel does. All of his award-winning, top-notch blends are created under the strictest of guidelines and are subject to frequent spot checks from the man himself. Medium to full bodied, the beautifully box pressed cigar is rich & full of flavour. Platinum starts off with rich earthy notes that continue to build complexity as you smoke it. Flavours consist of sweet spice, cinnamon, coffee accompanied by a long rich finish.
Rocky Patel Decade Torpedo – Rocky Patel has long been considered one of the hardest-working men in the cigar business, and the Rocky Patel Decade Torpedo is his masterpiece. The pressed figurado is made of Nicaraguan tobacco wrapped in a dark leaf of Ecuador Sumatra. Made in Nestor Plasencia’s El Paraiso factory, the Decade celebrates Patel’s reaching 10 years in the cigar business. 
Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Torpedo – Rocky Patel calls his Fifteenth Anniversary brand “a Decade on steroids.” We call it his best blend ever. Patel released the cigars in 2010, combining Nicaraguan tobaccos with high-priming Ecuador Habano wrappers. Patel says that some of the tobacco comes from a farm in Estelí that grows “some of the richest and spiciest tobaccos I’ve ever had.” The Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary Torpedo is dark and box-pressed, with superb construction. Its lush draw is laden with coffee bean, cocoa and earthy flavors that grow in power as the cigar is puffed. 
Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary Natural Rothschild Cigar – Celebrating 20 years in the business of creating iconic cigars, we couldn’t deliver anything short of magnificent. This cigar follows the lineage of the Rocky Patel Decade and Fifteenth Anniversary brands, but takes things to a whole new level. With 4 years in development, this blend combines fillers from Esteli, Jalapa, Nicaragua, Jamastran, and Honduras. And all of this is encompassed inside of an elegant Honduran wrapper, box-pressed, beautiful and soon to be legendary.
Rocky Patel Quarter Century Robusto – To celebrate an unforgettable 25 years in the cigar business, we’re pulling out all the stops to create our greatest masterpiece ever. Introducing the Quarter Century by Rocky Patel – named after 25 years of rigorous innovation, this cigar embodies everything that we hold sacred here at Rocky Patel. Hard work, dedication, and attention to detail. Showcasing an exquisite San Andrés wrapper and featuring the finest tobacco that Nicaragua has to offer, the Quarter Century is quite simply: the greatest cigar we’ve ever created. Aged over 2 years after rolling, and 10 years before — this isn’t just a cigar, it’s the beginning of a new era.


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