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The Samuel Gawiths Perfection Mixture is a relatively new blend developed by Samuel Gawith to satisfy the need of an individual London pipe smoker who could not find the perfect blend to suit his palate. He approached bob Gregory of Samuel Gawiths who identified with his needs and came to the rescue with the appropriately named Perfection Mixture. Not only does this secret gentleman buy the perfection mixture in large quantities, it seemed to fill a gap in the market and is now one of Samuel Gawiths biggest sellers.

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The name says it all: like Mary Poppins, this mixture is practically perfect in every way!

Perfection is an English blend with a twist: added to the usual components, Brown & Bright Virginias with a touch of Cypriot Latakia and fine Turkish, is a smidgeon of Vanilla flavouring. The result is a cool and mellow blend.

Because of added flavouring, Perfection would be a great introduction to English blends for someone who only ever smoked Aromatics. Yet for the same reason, it would also appeal to lover of the classic Latakia mixtures who are looking for something ever so slightly different. According to Samuel Gawith, this mixture was originally blended for a local pipe smoker who could not find his regular tobacco. “Perfection!” was his reaction when he took the first puff of the new blend.

Pipe Tobacco Details:

  • Strength – Mild to medium
  • Flavouring – Vanilla
  • Taste – Medium
  • Room Note – Pleasant to tolerable

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