Robert McConnell Glen Piper Pipe Tobacco 50g – Single Tin


Robert McConnell Glen Piper Pipe Tobacco is a rich mature pure Virginia tobacco with sweet Cavendish, dark brown honeydew and a small addition of perique. Natural fruit flavours create a smooth, cool and slow-burning mild tobacco that produces a rich and inviting aroma.

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Contents: Virginia, Black Cavendish, Kentucky, Perique 
Flavouring: Rum, Chocolate 
Cut: Ready Rubbed 
Strength: Medium 
Taste: Medium 
Room Note: Pleasant 
Most pipe tobaccos of every type will inevitably remind the smoker of at least a few other blends they tried before. With Glen Piper, this is emphatically not the case. It is truly unique. 
Technically, Glen Piper is an Aromatic blend, yet it is nothing like brash European, American or Irish Aromatics; it has infinitely more subtlety. Nor is it like Lakeland Aromatics, with their obligatory floral notes. In fact, Glen Piper is possibly the only old-school English (or Scottish) Aromatic currently on the market. 
The manufacturers Kohlhase & Kopp say that to produce Glen Piper, “dark Virginia flake is hand rubbed and mixed with a good portion of Black Cavendish and a pinch of Kentucky and Perique”. Indeed, when smoking the blend, you sense it all: the sweetness of Virginia, the fruitiness of Black Cavendish, the woody flavours of Kentucky and peppery notes from Perique, all coming together in a delightful symphony of taste and smell.   
Although K&K maintain that the flavouring of Glen Piper these days is Rum and Chocolate, most smokers agree that the divine aroma that they and those around them enjoy in equal measure is more reminiscent of stewed or fermented fruit.  
Add to this the beautiful colours and cut of the mixture, and there you have it: Glen Piper, the king of pipe tobaccos! 


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