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Necessary Evil Imperial Stout (37.5 / 13.0%) – Necessary Evil is a lovingly crafted imperial stout, aged for 8 months in bourbon barrels. Aromas of sweet bourbon, vanilla and oak from the ageing process combine with rich chocolate, roasted malts and caramel from the base beer. Soft and silky, Necessary Evil has layers of complexity and flavour unlike any other.
Beavertown Tempus Project – Breed II (38cl / 5.4%) – An intriguing saison from Beavertown, fermented with a house blend of saison yeast, wild yeast and bacteria. No idea what’s going on with the label. It seems to be some forth of toothy animal, maybe covered in multicoloured fur. Pretty rad, though. The beer is good and all.
Plasencia Alma Del Fuego Candente Cigar – Plasencia Alma del Fuego radiates passion and highlights the strong character of the volcanic soil that stems from the Ometepe Island. The cigar offers a hint of spice, complemented by savory notes of tangerine, roasted cashews, and guava wood. Sun-grown wrappers from the fields of Jalapa Valley were carefully selected, complementing the cigar with a sweet character.

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