Oden’s Cold Portion CB – 10 x Single Tins


Oden’s Cold Portion offers an exceptionally flavourful blend of chewing bag tobacco. Containing real mint oils, this tobacco releases a burst of cool and clear flavour as soon as it is placed in position under the upper lip. Medium-strong nicotine levels can be experienced in these moistened chewing portion bags. Available here as a set of 10 x single tins.

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Oden’s Cold Portion presents medium-strong nicotine levels with a fresh and cool minty flavour. Regular sized to fit comfortably behind the lip. CB (Chewing Bag) tobacco is finely cut, whereas standard snus is finely ground, although there is little difference between the two. Available here as a set of 10 x single tins.


How to use this product

Chewing tobacco, or snus, is placed under the upper lip, positioned slightly to the side from the front teeth. Despite the name, no chewing, sucking or spitting will be required, the portion just needs to be left under the lip for you to enjoy the tobacco flavours! It can be left for as long as you wish, however, typically it will be used for between 15 minutes to an hour. Snus is a great smokeless alternative to use when you are not permitted to smoke, or you don’t want to smoke.


Product Info Original
Nicotine (mg/g) 9
Portion Weight (g) 18
Brand Oden’s
Manufacturer GN Tobacco

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