HEETS Blue – 10 x Packs


Blue Label HEETS have a deep menthol flavour, giving an intense cooling sensation.

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Designed exclusively for use with IQOS, simply insert the Blue HEETS stick into the IQOS Holder and wait for the LED light to turn white. As with menthol cigarettes, you can enjoy each session for around 6 minutes which equates to approximately 14 puffs per tobacco stick.

This box of Blue HEETS includes 10 packs, with each pack containing 20 tobacco sticks. If you’re new to the deep menthol blend we also offer a refreshing menthol flavour called Turquoise. Alternatively, if you prefer a stronger tobacco taste, you can learn more about our Sienna, Yellow and Amber options.

If you haven’t used HEETS or IQOS before, discover our IQOS Starter Kit which includes HEETS with your purchase and everything you need to get started on your smoke-free journey today.

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