Century Black C Pipe Tobacco (Formerly Black Cherry) 25g


This Black C pipe tobacco is an all Black Cavendish flavoured mix with premium Black Cherry. Delightful taste and a pleasant aroma.

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Century Black C Pipe Tobacco

This Black C pipe tobacco formerly known as Black Cherry, is an all-Black Cavendish flavoured mix with premium Black C. Delightful taste and a pleasant aroma, Havana House is host to a whole range of loose pipe tobacco mixes, blends and flavours. Only the best quality and most reputable tobaccos from around the world are used to make up our catalogue of loose pipe tobacco. The difference between these and pre-packed tobacco is considerable. It is not just the aroma that affects pipe smoking. The cut or size of the tobacco affects how it packs into the pipe, how well it stays lit and how fast and hot it burns. A larger leaf cut may burn slowly and evenly but may be difficult to pack and to keep lit. 25g pack. 

We offer loose pipe tobacco in a huge range of flavours: Sherry and Cherry, California Dream, American Vanilla Blend, American Coffee Caramel, Danish Blend, Wild Mango, Plum and Rum, Latakia, Balkan, Ennerdale, Rum, American Whisky, Kentucky Nougat, American Delight, Black Cavendish, Black Cherry, Cherry and Vanilla and of course the much-loved blend made exclusively for Havana House, Windsor Breeze!

Tobacco details: 

  • Strength – very mild
  • Flavouring – very mild
  • Taste – medium 
  • Room note – pleasant 

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